Imeila Fonua

Imeila Fonua is a Senior Technical Recruiter that specializes in recruiting mid-senior level technical talent for a variety of sectors. He is presently working at Meta and has over half a decade of experience as a results-driven technical recruiter for both nearshore and offshore talent.

Imeila Fonua has a long history of working for prestigious firms and swiftly rising up the ranks to positions of greater responsibility. He has worked as an Account Executive and a Senior Technical Recruiter in the past. Imeila’s top sales, leadership, and organizational abilities, as well as his devotion to innovative problem solution, have been continuously acknowledged by coworkers and bosses throughout his career.

Meta is an internet publishing firm focused to developing technology that allows people to communicate online. Aside from collaborating with existing social media platforms, the firm is also pioneering the development of augmented and virtual reality experiences that bring people together.

Imeila Fonua offers a wide range of life experiences and a track record of achievement to every project he takes on. Employers have constantly regarded him as a great worker and a leader who will bring value to any organization. Mr. Fonua’s track record as a top Technical Recruiter bears testimony to his abilities.

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